How am I gonna be less of a „sexist pig”

Insemnare din alta parte, despre teluri importante in viata.

Be less of a „sexist pig”

Tough goal, huh. I mean, how is one going to erradicate feminism?

Seriously now, there are several ways to acomplish this goal.

1. Go somewhere out of reach for feminist activists. Like a do-it-yourself laundry center or something. A strip joint might work too.

2. Get involved in politics, and have the entire “political correctness” crap banned. Come on, it’s like choosing Pizza Hut over McDonald’s and have a bunch of people bitching “hey, that’s not fair to poor McDonald’s!!”

3. Get filthy rich. Everybody loves rich people. Sure, I am a sexist pig now, but wait ‘till I get my hands on a couple of million dollars! Then I’ll be “excentric”. And firm about my beliefs.

4. Sabotage the dildo (and related items) industry. Confucius says “Hit enemy in weak spot, and victory shall ensue”. Yoda says “Use your intuition you must! Defeat the Dark Side you will!” Environmentalists say “Stop lead pollution!!!” Supermarket employee says „what, no batteries today?”

5. Outsmart them. (which isn’t, really, hard to do). Have mysoginism recognized as a “mental condition”. And demand a “politically correct” treatment from people.

Aș putea, la o adică, să îți trimit chestii din astea istețe și pe mail.